Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Any discussion of Life Insurance brings up questions – lots of questions that require precise guidance and customization to your specific circumstances. How much Life Insurance do I need? What kind of Life Insurance should I purchase? Will I even qualify?


Nest Insurance and Financial was created to help set your mind at ease. Our goal is to help you fully understand your options and make the best choices for you and your family. We will not just leave you with pages of small print and complicated instructions, but will instead walk you through the entire process in a manner that will leave you feeling confident in your decisions, and proud to have proactively protected the ones you love the most.

There is no set amount of life insurance that every person should buy, which is why Nest Insurance and Financial starts the process with you by helping you articulate your desires and goals. Are you hoping to leave a legacy for your children or an inheritance for charity? How will your family thrive should something happen to you? How can you lessen the burden of estate taxes and protect the assets you spent a lifetime building?

These are all important questions, and there are many others just as critical. So this is where the process starts. Unlike many other agencies, we do not jump right in and start trying to sell you a policy. Instead, we aim to build a relationship and become your partner in the effort to secure your family’s financial future and protect your “nest.” As such, our first step in the Life Insurance process is to develop a clear picture of who you are and what you are trying to accomplish.

This part can easily become complicated, but it doesn’t have to. While it may be over-simplistic, there are basically two forms of Life Insurance – Term and Whole Life.

Each option has its advantages. Our goal at Nest Insurance and Financial is to make sure our knowledge becomes your knowledge to equip you to make the perfect choice for your own needs and desires.

We then take these decisions and look at all the options – there are so many insurance companies and good alternatives to choose from, but comparing everything on your own is simply too much for one person. Through Nest’s proprietary processes, we will help boil down all the options and present you with clear, easy to understand choices. Completely transparent, no surprises – that’s our commitment to you.

This one question, perhaps more than any other, paralyzes people from taking action. Most often, it is a source of real anxiety for would-be Life Insurance policyholders. But this is where our background in healthcare and our guiding principles really come into play.

We will literally hold your hand through the process of getting qualified for life insurance, making sure you understand exactly what is happening at every stage. For most of the people we find, their fears of not qualifying for coverage were greatly exaggerated, and they leave wondering what they were so afraid of.

If there are challenges, we can even help by providing tangible steps you can take to become healthier, which may increase your chances of qualifying in the future or reduce your rates over time.
Be not afraid. This is our job to help.