Medicare in Michigan

Medicare in Michigan

Medicare can seem very complicated. But the coverage is actually quite good, the system works quite well, and it is a benefit you have already paid for through every paycheck you’ve ever received.

But, the fact is, when the time comes to reap the reward you’ve earned, the whole process can seem overwhelming. That’s where Nest Insurance and Financial comes in.

Our caring and knowledgeable professionals are here to help you understand how every detail of Medicare can work for you. We walk you through the application process, and just as important, help you understand which Medicare Plans and Supplements are most appropriate for you and your family.

We won’t let you sign up for something you don’t understand, and we will work diligently as your partner and your advocate to make sure no deadline is missed, no form is unfiled, no option is unexplored.

Nest Insurance Will Answer All of your Medicare Questions



Do you understand the 7 month Initial Enrollment Period? Why is age 64 ½ so important? Do you have to take Medicare? My situation has changed – what now?


Medicare Health Plans

What does Medicare Part A cover? What does Medicare Part B cover? What is Medicare Advantage? Which plan is best for me?


Medicare Supplements

What about Medigap Plans? Which Supplements are most important? Do I need Medicare Part D? Can I change my mind later?


Signing Up

Will I be automatically enrolled (probably not) or do I have to apply myself? Can I sign up online? How do I know I did it right? Can I change later if my situation changes? What are Enrollment Periods and Special Circumstances?


Your First Year and Beyond

What are the 5 things I need to do, according to the government, in my first year of Medicare? What do I need to do in the following years? How can I avoid penalties? What is Annual Election?

Understanding Medicare: Essential Facts Everyone Should Know

Understanding Original Medicare

Medicare Part A and Part B are often collectively referred to as “Original Medicare.” Part A is Hospital Insurance and Part B is Medical Insurance. Coverage for “Original Insurance” is provided directly by Medicare. A good summary can be found at

Medicare Health Plans Versus Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage is often called “Part C.” It includes both Medicare Parts A and B, but coverage comes through private insurers that are approved by Medicare. More information can be found at

Understanding Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D is prescription drug coverage and is offered as an optional benefit to anyone who has Medicare. There are several alternatives to choose from depending on whether you choose Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage. A helpful overview of Medicare prescription drug coverage can be found at

What Does Each Medicare Supplement Cover?

A Medicare Supplement Insurance policy - often referred to as Medigap - helps pay some of the health care costs that Original Medicare doesn't cover, like Copayments, Coinsurance, and Deductibles. Some Medigap policies cover expenses like medical care when you travel outside of the country, which is not covered under Original Medicare. Medigap policies are sold by private companies. Learn more at

Medicare Versus Medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid are two different programs. Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that helps with medical costs beyond what Medicare will pay for some people with limited income and resources. It offers benefits not normally covered by Medicare, like nursing home care, long term care and personal care services. To help understand who may qualify for Medicaid, please call or email us today or learn more at

What is Not Covered?

Most people incorrectly believe Medicare covers everything, including long term care. However, there are limits that make it important to plan ahead to pay for such expenses. Many common expenses will have to be paid out of pocket or through other insurance. To understand more, please contact Nest today and review this helpful online link: