Our Story

Our Story

Nest Insurance and Financial was founded by a group of insurance professionals with a long history in the medical fields. Our CEO, Maggie Lacy, has spent a career in the healthcare industry as a nurse, as part of the pharmaceutical industry, as a pioneer in the regenerative medicine field, and ultimately as a partner in a highly respected urgent care facility based in Santa Barbara, California.

Through her years in healthcare, Maggie saw first hand the effects of poor planning and the incorrect information that abounds in terms of Medicare, Life Insurance and Long Term Care policies. She was dismayed at how hard it seemed to get the solid, easy to understand information needed to make good decisions as people entered what may be the most critical time of their lives.

Nest Insurance and Financial is a company on a mission to change that equation. Through an honest, dependable team working diligently to bring all aspects of retirement insurance planning under one roof, and operating in accordance with the time honored principles of compassion, respect and commitment to detail, we believe we can help millions of people navigate these complex decisions.


We do what we say, when we say it. Period.

And we do it all with one goal in mind – to help you secure your “nest” and everything you and your family have taken a lifetime to build.

Our Methods

It all begins with a consultation – a deep dive into your needs and desires for coverage in retirement. Our highly trained consultants will spend whatever time you need to understand your specific situation.

There’s no pressure whatsoever. The goal is to make sure you fully understand all of the options before you.

Then, we make a plan. We consider how Medicare, Medicare Supplements, Life Insurance and Long Term Care coverage can best be packaged together to provide the best coverage and minimize out of pocket costs.

Some alternatives we help uncover for you are highly innovative, and require expert knowledge, but offer tremendous benefits many insurance agents overlook. Things like Hybrid Life Insurance that can be used to cover Long Term Care expenses – essentially a “2 for 1” program are among the solutions we can help you discover.

And finally, we execute the plan with meticulous attention to details. We will work with you at every step – ensuring every form is submitted perfectly and that you understand every detail of your new insurance program. We aren’t interested in “making a sale and moving on.” We stay with you to ensure you and your family are covered in the exact manner you need.

Our Partners

Nest Insurance is highly selective when it comes to choosing our insurance carrier partners. We work only with the best national carriers with long standing reputations for excellence in coverage and service. We partner only with organizations we would trust to handle our own insurance needs.

Currently, we are product to represent this growing list of regional and national insurance providers:

Name + Logo for these companies: United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna, Priority Health, One America, HAP, Mutual of Omaha, Humana, Ameritas, Wellcare (Links to be set manually upon completion of next steps on the website)

Our Commitment to You

Nest Insurance and Financial commits to all of the people we serve to put your needs above our own business objectives, to be transparent in all things, and to stand by you, our customer, throughout the life of your policy.